Our mission is to clearly understand the problem and to offer comprehensive
material solutions – backsheets,
encapsulants, insulating films and
other materials – for the global
PV solar industry.

After retiring from a 1st class Japan polymer material company with rich career experience, Mr. XiaoPing (Mark) Wu and Dr. Keiiji Uno established Macropoly Laboratory in Kyoto, Japan in 2005 to start their R&D activities in advanced polymer functional material. They started R&D with a philosophy of “creating new value by innovations.”

In 2008, Macropoly laboratory obtained angel investment from Legend Capital with a sum of $5 million (USD) to establish Cybrid Technologies Inc in Suzhou, China.

In 2010, Cybrid started the photovoltaic material business; in 2013, started mobile communication Material business and electronics and electrical material business. Legend Capital is under Legend Holdings, which is the owner of personal computer leading company Lenovo, and it is a top class venture capital firms in China.

Cybrid Milestones:

  • 2006 –Mr. Xiaoping Wu and Dr. Keiichi Uno lead Japan polymer scientists to establish Marcopoly Lab In Kyoto

  • 2008 – Cybird Technologies Inc. was established by the joint investment from Marcropoly Lab and Lenovo with total capital of RMB 145 million.

  • 2009 – Developed KPK backsheet and established into Suntech & CSI

  • 2010 – Originated UV Blocking E film mixed by TiO2 and entered into Trina, Yingli, Jinko

  • 2012 – Invented Fluro Skin®  standing for KPf backsheet and soon become the major backsheet for top module manufacturers

  • 2014 – pioneered 1500V backsheet offerings to the PV market

  • 2015 – retained No 1 backsheet production status by volume

  • 2016 – released power enhancing PV module materials


Cybrid has its International Operations – based in Tucson, Arizona – with international sales agents in Brazil, India, Singapore, and Turkey.

Mr. Xiao Ping (Mark) WU

Chief Excutive Officer

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Brenton G. Brownell

General Manager of The Americas

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We are committed to integrating sustainability best practices to minimize our impact on the environment – to protect the planet; ensure resources are available for future generations; and create a better quality of life for all living beings.