KPf® Difference

Cynagard KPf backsheets are based on industry proven Fluro-Skin technology demonstrating exceptional UV, weathering and thermo-mechanical stability.

KPf Advantages:

Fluro-Skin addresses the inherent weaknesses of e-layer by improving UV and thermal stability, heat dissipation, AND partial discharge leading to a technically SUPERIOR product at lower cost.

Although double-sided fluorine polymer film laminated backsheets (PVF/PET/PVF or PVDF/PET/PVDF) have been regarded as the most reliable solution for solar panels, the cost was too high. Alternatively, single fluorine polymer film at the outer layer and E film at the inner layer of the backsheet brings cost down, but E film is a low-melt thermoplastic polyethylene film (melting point at 90°C). Creating serious reliability problems, like bad UV durability, high thermal resistance, shrinkage in the long run due to heat, and this affects panel performance and shortens the panel’s life span. A low-cost, UV blocking thermosetting inner layer with strong EVA and PET sticking properties was long sought by module manufacturers.

Cybrid’s strength in chemistry and coating technologies has allowed it to develop highly effective UV blocking thin fluorine polymer film. The patented Fluro-skin   direct coating film method applies directly to PET surface without adhesive. In meeting a variety of module needs, Cybrid has used Fluro-skin     technology to KPf, PPf, and FPf backsheets. Since 2013, Cybrid KPf has become and remains the major backsheet supplier in China to module manufacturers and has become the new benchmark in the backsheet industry worldwide.


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