Cybrid offers a family of backsheets meeting most of the industry needs. Product offerings include KPf, PPf and FPf in white, black, transparent, highly reflective, moisture barrier type rated for 1000 or 1500V applications.

KPf design has become industry norm backsheet with over 5GW installed. Air side is engineered Kynar film while cell side is fluorinated coating with exceptional thermal and UV stability. Inner layer PET has high hydrolytic stability rating. KPf backsheets are available up to 1500V rating.


PPf identical to KPf design except Kynar has been replaced with UV-stabilized PET film. This product is well received for roof-top applications. PPf backsheets are available up to 1500V rating


This cost down version of TPT wherein both inner and outer layers are composed of fluorinated coatings suitable for dry climates or portable recreational modules. 1500 V FPf backsheets are available.


Two types of transparent backsheet designs are available. Air side surface can be either a transparent fluorinated film or a Cybrid’s patented Fluro-Coating material. Transparent backsheets are available with 1000V and 1500V rating.


By a popular demand, Cynagard Black backsheets are available in KPf format rated for 1000 V as black/black or white/black color options.


Two products are available, one for high humidity, close to water applications (HWB) and the other for thin film applications (KAPf) that require a high degree of moisture barrier characteristics. Both products fluorinated film as the outmost layer.

Water Resistant Moisture Barrier
Product Cynagard HWB 201B Cynagard KAPf 205C(AL)
Protection Media Moisture resistant polymer Aluminum layer
WVTP (g/ <1.0 <0.005
Breakdown Voltage, KV ≥16 ≥16
Partial Discharg, VDC ≥1000 ≥1000
Product Thickness, µm 432 324

products_highinnerlayerIndustry standard backside reflectance of backsheet are typically 70-80%. Cybrid offers higher, >90% reflectance backsheet in all our design formats – KPf, PPf, and FPf designs. Please inquire Plus product options.
Cybrid was the first backsheet manufacturer to offer a TUV certified 1500 VDC backsheet to the PV module market. Many of Cybrid backsheet designs are available with 1000 VDC and 1500 VDC rating.aproducts_pd1500sheet

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