Insulation Films

Cybrid offers three types of bus-wire insulation films. Patented MPM insulation films come with pre-applied olefin adhesive on both sides for easy application providing excellent UV stability, insulation strength and ease of processing.


  • Excellent UV yellowing resistance High insulation strength, sticky, easy processing. White Insulation bar for Single Glass Module (Cybrid Patented).
  • Transparent Insulation bar for Double Glass Module Thickness 319mm (Cybrid Patented)
Cynagard Insulation Films
MPM Cynagard 115E MPM Cynagard 115E(T) CPC Cynagard 115B
Colar White Transparent  White
Olefin adhesive Yes Yes  No
Product thickness, µm 319 319  196
Adhesion to EVA, N/cm >40 >40  >40
Adhesion to bus bar & cell, N/cm >20 >20  N/A
Shrinkage, % (150 oC330 min)
Breakdown Voltage, KV ∆<7 ∆<7  >7
Partial Discharge, VDC >400 >400  >400
UV Stability, 300 KWH ∆YI <1 ∆YI <1 ∆YI <3

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