Repair Products

Cybrid offers two backsheet repair products to repair and protect backsheets that have scratches or cuts due to handling and installation activities. Aerosol based fluoropolymer coating and PSA adhesive tape are available.

Two tape solution types:

Cybrid’s Repair Tape is suitable for any climatic conditions.

Both types are single-sided mending tape with a weathering stable PSA adhesive for easy field application applied to any type backsheet. The outer layer of repair tape demonstrates strong aging, UV resistivity, and weathering stability required from any backsheet material.

  • GF-6100 is for backsheet repair of modules with minor defects and scratches. Intended to mask minor defects due to handling or installation issues.
  • GF-6252 is for backsheet repair of modules with deep and systemic cracks caused by inferior backsheet materials such as with AAA and PET/E-layer failures.

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