Conductive polymeric ribbon tape replaces high temperature tabbing process thus reducing micro-cracks in cells, solder joint defects and enables the use of thinner silicon materials. Other end-users include mobile phone, computer, automotive and medical applications.

This low-temperature soldering process offers fast bonding process, strong adhesion to bus-bar without marginalizing PV module performance across accelerated and outdoor test platforms.


  • Reduction of micro-cracks due to improved ribbon to cell attach method
  • Reduced silver due to elimination of printed bus-bar
  • Enabling the use of thinner cell materials due to low pressure/low temperature attach method
  • Low CTE polymeric material, <100 ppm
  • High and uniform bond strength across the cell
  • Low contact resistance, <40 mΩ
  • Broad application temperature range (-40 oC to 125 oC)
  • Stable across extended DH, FH & TC test methods

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