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Cybrid is continuously expanding product portfolio by developing new products based on customer and market demands.

PV module power output is increased by converting short wavelength components into visible light elements. Output power is increased >1%. Technology suitable for EVA and POE encapsulant films


Cybrid has commercialized a family of cross-linkable POE under trade name Cybright POE that includes six distinct formulations. However, due to a popular demand, chemically inert thermoplastic olefin encapsulant film is also under development with enhanced thermo-mechanical properties, high melting point and low glass transition temperature designed for ultra-fast lamination cycles without marginalizing weathering stability. Estimated product release 1Q 2017.
A new family of EVA encapsulants are under development that will be formulated to meet PV industry standard performance, processing and long term reliability requirements. New EVA formulations include:

  • Transparent type without UV blocking agents designated as EVA-T
  • UV cut-off type @360 nm designated as EVA-C
  • Highly reflective white behind the cell encapsulant designated as EVA-W
  • With flow additives to support single and double glass PV module constructions
  • Estimated product release 1Q 2017

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